Alebacken – Skiing near Gothenburg

Alebacken ski resort is located in Sweden only 15 minutes north of the city of Gothenburg.

We have three skilifts and our three slopes all have snowguns.

Please note that you must buy your SkiPass online. Click here to get to our webshop.

Alebacken opening hours. Click here

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Directions from Gothenburg:

Alebacken ski slope is located about 25 kilometers north of Gothenburg.

Take the road E45 north towards Karlstad. Pass Bohus, Nödinge and Nol. Take exit 87 at Alaforsmotet and follow the signs to Alebacken.

For public transport use this link Click here (The destination is Himlaskolan, Ale). You will need to walk about 300 meters from Himlaskolan to Alebacken.

If you have any questions please give us a call at +46 303 741820.

NOTE! Your skipass is personal and not transferable. If you give your skipass to somebody else the skipass will be canceled.
Every person that skies or snowbords in our slopes needs a personal and valid skipass.